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Vanorsdale is committed to helping our clients protect their family’s well-being. Our personalized service helps our clients save time, money and gives you peace of mind.

We begin each and every personal policy by sitting down with you one on one to understand and evaluate your coverage needs.

Then we research the best combinations of coverage and price through our extensive network of the leading insurance providers and narrow it down to three or four options.  From here we work together with you to design a custom policy that fits your exact needs in Homeowners, Car and Umbrella Policy Insurance.

Our Personal Insurance Services Include:

Homeowners Insurance

Covers homes, condominiums, townhouses, and rentals for personal liability, contents, and scheduled jewelry or valuable items. 

Car Insurance

Covers your personal autos, trucks, and other type of vehicles you may have.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Increases your personal liability limit by one million or more so that you have more personal protection for your assets in case of lawsuits.



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